3-4th Week Post Surgery

June 28- July 11th

This week my splint was removed and I was placed into a cast. Later that day my I realized my cast was way too tight and my pinky toe was aching so much. The next day, which was Saturday, I returned to get a new cast. At first this cast felt right but being in the position it was for too long I realized it was slanted at an angle and my ankle was aching. My doctor was out of office so a different doctor put me into a posterior cast.

Below are photos of my stitches. It looks great! my only concern was how short my big toe has become. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to asking about that because I was fainting when they were removing the cast and my doctor seem to be in a hurry and was not understanding what I was asking :/ then my visit was over. I guess it was too much for me to take mentally? I will know if it’s too short when I walk again and I will see the functionality of it. I was not able to take a picture of my x rays either of the half fainting.

Pain is minor now being on week 4, which is great! I am always in bed and keep my foot elevated. When I use my crutches to go to the restroom it begins to get swollen within seconds so I make it fast.

I was instructed to use my hands to manually move my big toe back then forth to increase my mobility and “break any scar tissue”. It is going well. It does not seem stiff when I press up but more stiff when I move it up.

My toe is still numb in the places I have shown before. I hope I get all my feeling back, and I stay positive about that 🙂


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