The First Week

Surgery Day

My surgery was on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. I went under the knife around 12/1 PM and it lasted 2 hours. I woke up with no pain because the anesthesia was still lingering. I was able to go home shortly after, it was an outpatient surgery. I was nauseous at night.

foot splint
The post surgery splint which I need to wear for the next 2-3 weeks.

Post Surgery

Post surgery I was couch ridden at my parents living room with my foot elevated EVERY SINGLE DAY. I used ice packs regularly. I was prescribed pain killers and something for inflammation.

I didn’t feel pain until the afternoon of the next day. The 2nd and 3rd day post surgery were the worst in regards to pain. The pain concentrated in the areas I highlighted in red below. I could not gauge whether the pain was coming from my bones or tendons but it was extremely painful. On a scale of 1-10 the pain was at a 10. At the end of the first week I started to feel pain at the head metatarsal/in that area.

My first toe was numb until the 3rd day. On the 3rd day I regained feeling at the tip of my toe. Towards the end of the week I started to feel a lot of tingly sensations throughout my left foot.


Background to my Bunions

Hi! My name is Jasmine and I am sharing my experiences after the Lapidus Bunionectomy with Bone Graft on my left foot. I am an average person with foot problems and I hope that won’t be for long! I am not a doctor, so please do not interpret any of this as advice or recommendations, this is only an account of my experiences.

I have had bunions on both feet since I was in 5th grade. Then in 2008-2009 I got the Austin Bunectomy recommended by my Podiatrist for both feet. By 2017 I had a recurring bunion on my left foot and decided to undergo the Lapidus Bunionectomy with bone graft on my left foot recommended by my Podiatrist.

Below are pictures of my left foot before the Austin and Lapidus. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures right after the Austin.

Left foot bunion before any surgery
Left foot reccurring bunion before the Lapidus Bunionectomy with Bone Graft







If you need more information about the lapidus bunionectomy I pulled the website below from google that explains it well: